STAR WARS HAN SOLO HC Everyone’s favorite scoundrel goes Solo! Han is given a top-secret undercover mission for the Rebellion: rescuing a group of informants and spies! His cover for the assignment? The Dragon Void, biggest and most infamous starship race in the galaxy! A tournament he has dreamt ofRead More →

STAR WARS HAN SOLO #5 JONES VARIANT • This is it – the dramatic conclusion to the Dragon Void race! • Will Han take the trophy? Or be left with the space junk? • Our favorite scoundrel’s first miniseries comes to a photo finish! Rated T Publisher: MARVEL COMICS Creators:Read More →

STAR WARS HAN SOLO #3 MOVIE VARIANT • As The Dragon Void race gets more intense…Han’s rebel mission gets more deadly! • Can the Falcon hold up to one of the most intense flights of its career? • What’s worse for Han…failing Leia? Or losing a race? Rated T Publisher:Read More →