Focus on Martin Morazzo

Focus on Martin Morazzo

One of the new comics coming out in the next few weeks that has grabbed my attention is Dark Horse Comics’s She Could Fly, written by Christopher Cantwell and drawn by Argentinian artist Martin Morazzo. Martin very kindly took time out from his schedule to talk to me recently.

Martin Morazzo
Martin Morazzo

David. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me Martin, it’s much appreciated! to begin with, for comic fans who have not yet seen your work can you tell us a little about your background and how you got into drawing comics?

Martin. I always wanted to be a comic book artist! While in high school, I took a comic book class at an art school in Buenos Aires, and I learned mostly the basics of storytelling, composition and anatomy! Then I stayed away from drawing to study Graphic Design for a couple of years, but never stopped dreaming of becoming a comic book artist!

Around the year 2002, I went back to that dream and studied art again with the intention of improving my storytelling! I attended Comic Con International in 2003, showed my portfolio around and in every review, but nothing good came out of there! I enlisted on some sort of job listing website for comic books and I got in touch with a writer! We worked on some projects together, none of them reaching a publisher, until we won a Zuda Comics competition! So we had a contract for publishing a webcomic with DC comics! Some months later, Joe Harris saw my work there and contacted me to work together on Great Pacific and everything changed!

David. Who were your artistic influences?

Martin. I studied comics all my life! As a young kid I looked at many old books my grandpa had, artists like Alex Raymond, Milton Caniff and Hal Foster were there! Later I remember studying John Byrne, even copying faces and poses! Jim Lee, came after that! But as I grew older, I moved the attention out of the US and, though I’d known them from a long time, I discovered Moebius and Otomo! I think specially Moebius was the one I studied the most! I find his art totally effective but mesmerizing and beautiful at the same time!

David. What is the local comic scene in Argentina like?

Martin. There is a big tradition of reading comics in Argentina! Though US comics from the big two, Marvel and DC, are what’s most popular these days, there are new books produced locally all the time, exclusively through independent small publishers, with a content and quality not seen, locally, in many years! So the future looks totally auspicious!

David. When did you first decide that drawing comics is what you wanted to do for a living?

Martin. I can’t remember the exact moment but I was really really young! I started doing comics around the age of 6, and before that I was totally passionate about SuperHeroes! I remember collecting comics, trading cards and even some bottle caps that had Marvel characters on them!

David. Your new project She Could Fly comes out next month, published by Dark Horse Comics. Tell us why we should buy it? 🙂

Martin. She Could Fly!!! There’s a mysterious flying woman, who’s seen many times in the sky, above Chicago, but no one knows anything about her! The story is about Luna Brewster, a disturbed teenage girl who’s obsessed with this flying woman, and tries to investigate everything about her! Without knowing, she gets in the middle of a struggle between local and foreign intelligence agencies, a defense contractor and some other, less organized, parties!

It’s written by Christopher Cantwell, co-creator and show runner of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire –such and incredible show, I watched it some months ago and was totally amazed–, colored by Miroslav Mrva –who’s doing an outstanding work– and edited by Karen Berger –I still can’t believe I’m working with her 🙂 –! It’s already pre-ordered and comes out in July the 11th!

Focus on Martin Morazzo
Martin Morazzo drawing She Can Fly. Spoiler alert!

David. What work are you the most proud of so far and why?

Martin. As an artist I feel I’m always evolving, so I tend to think my best work is the last one! So right now, Ice Cream Man and the upcoming She Could Fly are the most I’m proud of! I hold Great Pacific on a special place too! I loved that book, that’s where it all started!

David. You’ve worked for a number of major publishers already in your career – which character/comic would you most love to have a go at drawing that you haven’t done already?

Martin. Oh I’m not sure, I usually don’t think much about it! Maybe it would be something for me to work on the X-Men! It was my favorite book as a teenager, I read it from the beginning till the end of Claremont’s run and was a total fan! I think I was close to achieve this when I did a fill-in on Generation X, I got to draw Jubilee at least!

David. As someone who very much holds the tradition view that comics should be printed on pieces of dead tree with ink on them I’m interested to know do you personally prefer seeing your work in printed or electronic form?

Martin. I work traditionally, pencil and ink on paper and then digitalize it to send it to the rest of the team! Then, I see it in the computer or iPad, colored and lettered, months before it goes to the printer! When the comps arrive, it’s a moment of realization! The book is there, I have it in my hands, it’s real!

David. Martin, thanks for your time and good luck with the book, I’ve already got it on pre-order and can’t wait to read it!


She Could Fly is published by Dark Horse Comics and will be in stores July 11 2018. It is available to pre-order now at Things From Another World. Click here to find out more!

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