Which comic stores buy comics?

Which comic stores buy comics?

If you are finding that your comic book collection has gotten so large it is taking over your house or you are looking to raise some extra cash (to buy more comics, of course) selling some of your collection to a comic dealer can be an option well worth considering. But which comic stores buy comics?

Which comic stores buy comics?
Comic book collection getting a little out of control?

This page contains a list of comic book stores, both offline and/or online, whose web sites state they are interested in buying comic books from comic collectors.

I want this list to be as useful as possible a resource for comic collectors everywhere. If you are asking yourself the question “Which comic stores buy comics?” you will find the answer here! Comic book stores in the US, UK and Australia are on the list. If you know of any other store, anywhere in the world, that is buying comics and is not on the list let me know!

If you have any experience of selling to any of these stores then please leave a comment at the bottom of the page and let everyone know how you feel the process went.

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Which comic stores buy comics in the US?

Lone Star Comics

Which comic stores buy comics?

Selling online on the website mycomicshop.com, Lone Star Comics run one of the biggest comic book buying operations in the US. Buddy and the team at Lone Star Comics will consider buying everything from single high value comics, collections large and small, estates, and dealer and retail store inventories. The website’s We Buy Comics section contains a huge amount of extremely helpful general advice on selling your collection as well as more specific info on the number of different selling options that Lone Star Comics offers you. As well as buying online they also work with over a hundred buying partners located across the US, Australia, Canada, Singapore and the UK.

Midtown Comics

Midtown Comics buy comic books from the Golden, Silver and Bronze Ages as well as modern keys. They are also buyers of a huge range of pop culture items. Click the link and mail them with your list of items to sell.

Ultimate Comics

If you live in North Carolina and are thinking of selling all or part of your comic collection consider dropping on Ultimate Comics who have a store in Durham and two in Raleigh. They maintain a list of comics that find in high demand but say they will make you an offer on just about anything. Comics can be brought into a store but be sure to make an appointment first.

Sancto Santorum

Located in Plymouth, Michigan, Sancto Sanctorum buy all types of comics, toys and collectables. Appointment only, email first to arrange a time.

Superworld Comics

Superworld Comics are located in Holden, Massachusetts and are headed up by Ted Van Liew, a comic dealer with twelve years of experience grading for the Overstreet Price Guide. They’re a store specialising in the higher end of the comic book collecting market and they have a very well put together website containing a lot of information useful to anyone with comic books to sell, these include the types of comics they are looking to buy, a guide to help you in calculating the value of your comic collection and a very thorough section on accurately grading your comics, together with images.

Superworld Comics will travel to anywhere within the US or as far as Europe to buy. They will also give you professional advice on grading your collection or just helping you identify some of the obscure titles you may own. Contact them first using the contact form to find out more.

Sell My Comics Books

Sell My Comic Books – an extremely informative website which is actually equally as valuable as a research tool as it is a place to sell your comics, but you can do that here as well. There are pages covering a huge range of topics – lists of current hottest comics in multiple categories, help with understanding what you have in a collection, an updated report about how the Covid-19 pandemic impacts the comic buying market. This site is a stand out in that it actually focuses more on buying your comics than selling them, although it does have small store section with some very cool items to choose from.

Amorphous Ink

Amorphous Ink are out trading out of California and seem to be run by a comic book creator – I’ve yet to find out who! – but the website does state that this creator is in the business of buying collections and so might be worth sending a message through to them. Also if anyone has had experience of selling comic books to Amorphous Inks and could review the experience I’d be very much obliged!

Metropolis Comics

Metropolis Comics is run by two senior Overstreet advisors, Vincent Zurzolo, Jr. and Stephen Fishler. They buy an average of four million dollars worth of comics every year. They also pay finders fees for any leads that result in them purchasing a collection, for example one fee last year of fifteen thousand dollars. More information can be found here.

Which comic stores buy comics in the UK?


Operating out of Chester, Silveracre have been in the comic book business for over thirty years. Their web page appears to have not been updated in almost as long as that! However they are still trading VERY actively on eBay with excellent feedback (check out their eBay store at http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/Silver-acre).

A useful fact to know is that you have any Gold Sovereigns/Bullion, British War Medals, Diamonds and Jewellery, Original Comic Art, Trading cards, Dinky, Corgi, boxed pre-1980 Toys, Antiques, arcade machines, Rolex, Grandfather clocks, Moorcroft pottery, Lazlo glass, original oils or bankrupt stock then they may also interested in buying that from you as well!

Which comic stores buy comics in Australia?

Incognito Comics

Which comic stores buy comics?

Got some old issues you not longer want? Need to make some room in your collection? Incognito Comics are located in Moorabbin, Victoria and are always eager to stock as many back issues as possible so others can find the book they have been looking for.

As such they actively buy back issues, just send them an email (check out their Contact Us page for their details) telling them what issues you have and would like to sell.

Important points to remember

A crucial point to remember is that right now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic normal service may not apply. Comic book shops buying budgets will likely have been severely impacted by a drop in business. There are no guarantees but buying and selling of comics IS still happening. So contact any of the stores on this list and find out more!

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