From the depths of the long box…

There is no such thing as a bad comic.

OK, that’s clearly not true, quite a few of them are absolute stinkers, so awful you feel bad for the trees that had to die for them to be printed. But they are still comics.

Trawl through any comic dealers bargain boxes and you’ll see them. The comics that time forgot. No-one is EVER go to buy them. Your comic dealer won’t even be able to give them away. The longer they sit there, the dustier and more forlorn they get. But they are still comics.

Someone, at some point, has sat at a desk and mapped out a story, plotted out a few twists, thought of a cool new super villain with kooky new powers. Artists have worked to bring those thoughts to life on the page. Editors have suggested re-writes, colorists have struggled to get the colours of a cape just right. People have cared. So I think someone else should care too.

So each week I pluck a long forgotten funny book from the depths of obscurity and give it a read. And then I share my thoughts here, giving it a brief and dazzling moment in the sun.

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