Best Comic Cons Every Comic Book Lover Should Visit

Best Comic Cons Every Comic Book Lover Should Visit

Best Comic Cons Every Comic Book Lover Should Visit

Best Comic Cons Every Comic Book Lover Should Visit
Best Comic Cons Every Comic Book Lover Should Visit

Someone walks by at the comic con dressed as this really cool superhero, but you don’t recognize who they are supposed to be. Later, you are thumbing through back issues in the exhibit hall and stumble across some long-forgotten issue of X-Man.

Mystery solved. The guy in the costume was supposed to be Mimic.

You didn’t know who he was because he was never in the movies. You look further and find other X-Men mutants you never knew existed: Morph, Cloak and Dagger, Xorn.

Suddenly you’re hooked.

These days that’s how they get you. They draw you in with a really killer movie and then when you finally look at the comic-


You never look back.

Now you want more, but all the best comic cons always seem focused on the movies. It is getting harder and harder to find comic-centric cons.

But never fear! Underdog … *coughs* Sorry. Got a little carried away.

We got you covered. Read on for a list of the best comic cons that actually focus on what matters most: comics.


Since 1987, WonderCon has given comic book enthusiasts a way to convene and enjoy their nerdy passions.

Walk through a sea of back issue comics and figurines when you enter the Exhibitor hall. Or travel Artists Alley to watch comic book artists work their magic before your very eyes.

While the primary focus of the show remains comic books, the exhibitor list has expanded to include specialty DVDs and some limited gaming.

New York Comic-Con

How many comic book heroes are based out of New York City? Spiderman, Dare Devil, Dr. Strange. The list goes on and on. So it is fitting that one of the best comic cons would be found there.

In 2018 250,000 fans flocked to New York Comic Com making it one of the largest in the United States.

It is quite a marvel (pun intended) to walk through the streets of New York and see fans dressed as their favorite superheroes who tread the same streets before them in the pages of much loved graphic novels.

Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC)

Seattle Washington is the home of this comic con monster. It is an event that spans the course of four days chock full of fandom fun and it is just as big from one day to the next.

This year alone, ECCC had 98,000 attendees all four days because the quality of their events holds throughout its entirety.

With Comic Book focused panels from Marvel, DC and Dark Horse, you are bound to find something to fit your interests. There are even professional comic book events to help your dream of becoming a writer or inker come true.

Baltimore Comicon

It is still not too late to attend “America’s Greatest Comic Book Convention” this year! Spread out over the course of three days in October, Baltimore Comicon is celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2019 so you can expect big things.

Since 2017, this con has been the host of the Ringo Award for professional and fan-generated comics. You can even cast your own votes and help determine the winners.

Plus real-life comic book heroes like Garth Ennis, Jim Lee and Bob McLeod are expected to make an appearance.


Megacon lives up to its name with over 1,000 exhibits and artists lining Artist Alley and comic fan shopping that spreads out over 400,000 square feet.

There are panels, Q & A’s, workshops and seminars, meetups with your favorite comic book creators and more. So much more. You can even get your art reviewed by professional editors.

The possibilities are endless when you attend Megacon.

Memorabilia for the Best Comic Cons

No matter which of these comic cons you choose to attend, everyone knows you have to have something for your favorite writer or artist to sign.

Once again, All For Geeks has you covered!

Can you imagine walking up to the legendary Christopher Priest and asking him to sign your very own Vampirella #3 Variant Cover? Or approaching Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum with a gorgeous variant of Spiderman City at War #6? You would be the envy of the con!

Whether you are new to the comic book scene or a die-hard fan looking for something unique, a variant cover is a perfect option for your Memorabilia Hall of Fame!

So, before you head out to the best comic-cons, jump on over and see which variant makes your spidey-senses tingle!

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